Time-Honored Error

Christian Stewardship and the Tradition of Tithing




Copyright 2008



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The tradition of tithing has produced mixed results within the family of God, blessing some individuals and churches while harming others. Embedded within the Protestant tradition as the last remaining significant relic of Roman Catholic error, it is a far cry from the stewardship taught by Jesus and the apostles and practiced by the first Christians.


Time-Honored Error strives to present, in a concise and readable manner, what the practice of tithing entailed prior to and under the Mosaic Law and why it does not pertain to the Christian church today. It is addressed first to those in leadership positions within the church universal and is applicable to any Christian, anytime, anywhere.


The usual "proof texts" in support of tithing are dismantled, with correct interpretation of the passages applied. Malachi 3: 8-10, perhaps the most abused passage of Scripture used on a regular basis to prop up the doctrine, receives a chapter to itself. The role of the powers of darkness in propogating and perpetuating falsehood is explained, as is the danger to the church in attempting to correct long-standing doctrinal error. An interpretation of new covenant stewardship of time, talents and possessions, geared to the world of today, suggests a hands-on, hearts-in approach to all that God has entrusted his children with.


Dry facts alone, however, seldom suffice to dislodge ingrained thinking. Time-Honored Error includes a number of illustrations, including a short story that progresses throughout the book, which serve to illustrate the damaging effects of the tradition of tithing in today's church. This material, though fictional, is based upon countless real-life situations.


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