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​Here are links to several websites that discuss and refute the tradition of tithing. Some offer free downloadable books and articles on the subject. I do not necessarily agree with (nor am I aware of) every doctrinal position held by the publishers of these sites, nor would I expect them to agree with mine





Should The Church Teach Tithing? A theologian's conclusions about a taboo doctrine. An exhaustive study at the textbook level by Russell Earl Kelly, Ph.D.  www.tithing-russkelly.com


The Tithing Debate  www.tithingdebate.com


The Tithing Dilemma  www.askelm.com/tithing/index.asp


Tithing Today: God's Plan or Designs of Man?  www.inplainsite.org/html/tithing.html


Tithing: Low-Realm, Obsolete & Defunct  www.tekoapublishing.com/books/tithing/index.html


L. Ray Smith on tithing  www.bible-truths.com/tithing.html


​Truth or Tradition: Tithing vs Giving  www.truthortradition.com/articles/tithing-vs-giving